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We’ve started the new wedding season last week with this beautiful wedding of Bianca and Cristinel in Bucharest, Romania. We were blessed with such a great event and we are very happy to be part of it. About the couple: warm people, very well-organized, full of energy, good taste and friendly. Not only the couple, but also all the guests and family members. You will see in those images how much they are loving each other. For us this was the perfect day from the start until the end.

Antochi Photography Studio is based in Bucharest, Romania covering weddings in Italy, UK, Greece and all over the Europe, as well.


I am a wedding photographer. They are two wedding photographers as well. The question was: what can we pull out of a situation in witch we’re facing a beautiful couple at a splendid wedding? Not to mention, letting modesty aside, me as their photographer
It was like they were reading my mind. I suggested something and they instantly followed. I just had to take care of the light and retouch their posing. They eased my work with the love they were spreading all around in a natural manner. We definitely enjoyed working together, especially at the next day shooting, a day in witch we just left for the seaside and had a lot of fun, also taking some pictures in the meantime. Please enjoy with their wedding images.