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Our friends from Andree Salon designed their 2014 collection of wedding dresses and asked us for a photo session for the upcoming catalog. The shoot took place in a splendid location that quickly overwhelmed us with the details: sculpted doors, painted walls, hand made furniture and specially designed ornaments for the ceilings. We felt like we just walked into a castle.
Of course, the 15 dresses were the main attraction. After seeing hundred of wedding dresses along the years, we can only say we are deeply impressed. Any bride would feel like a princess in such a dress.

Andree_Salon-21Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-00Andree_Salon-62 Andree_Salon-111 face_Andreee

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Beautiful wedding dresses, 2014 collection photo by Antochi Photography

Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-01 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-02 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-03 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-04 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-05 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-06 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-07 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-08 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-09 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-10 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-11 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-12 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-13 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-14 Andree_Salon-Wedding_Dress-15



I am a wedding photographer. They are two wedding photographers as well. The question was: what can we pull out of a situation in witch we’re facing a beautiful couple at a splendid wedding? Not to mention, letting modesty aside, me as their photographer
It was like they were reading my mind. I suggested something and they instantly followed. I just had to take care of the light and retouch their posing. They eased my work with the love they were spreading all around in a natural manner. We definitely enjoyed working together, especially at the next day shooting, a day in witch we just left for the seaside and had a lot of fun, also taking some pictures in the meantime. Please enjoy with their wedding images.

Apr 20, 2013

Top_Wedding_Photographer_Iulia_Emil_09 Top_Wedding_Photographer_Iulia_Emil_07 Top_Wedding_Photographer_Iulia_Emil_08 Top_Wedding_Photographer_Iulia_Emil_05 Top_Wedding_Photographer_Iulia_Emil_06 Top_Wedding_Photographer_Iulia_Emil_04 Top_Wedding_Photographer_Iulia_Emil_02 Top_Wedding_Photographer_Iulia_Emil_03 Top_Wedding_Photographer_Iulia_Emil_01