I believe wedding photography goes beyond documenting the essentials moments of a special day. While the photo journalistic approach to the wedding day suits a large number of clients, without an infusion of fine art and fashion photography added to the mix, the final result lacks the ability to be remembered for generations. This final result is your Wedding Art Book.
The effort put behind the making of such an Art Book is sometimes known only to the photographer. All the expensive equipment money can buy means nothing when the couple and the photographer are not on the same page. Often, the emotions captured are orchestrated in great detail without the actual knowledge of anyone, except the person behind the lens. Hoping for something to happen is often proved vane, and that is the moment when we have to interfere. The experience gathered from hundreds of weddings ensures the natural appearance of one directed picture. And don’t be mislead about the word appearance, all emotions are real. The tears are real, smiles are too.

Taking pictures from the posture of a friend will put people at ease, so getting to know each other a little bit is one of the first goals we should achieve. Afterwards, earning your trust in the early moments of your wedding day will create a relaxed environment. Trust allows me to create the stage for the breathtaking images you desire. This is my style. This is how I elaborate an Art Book tailor made for you.