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I am a wedding photographer. They are two wedding photographers as well. The question was: what can we pull out of a situation in witch we’re facing a beautiful couple at a splendid wedding? Not to mention, letting modesty aside, me as their photographer
It was like they were reading my mind. I suggested something and they instantly followed. I just had to take care of the light and retouch their posing. They eased my work with the love they were spreading all around in a natural manner. We definitely enjoyed working together, especially at the next day shooting, a day in witch we just left for the seaside and had a lot of fun, also taking some pictures in the meantime. Please enjoy with their wedding images.

Very well organized, they knew right from the start what they wanted. Therefore, working together seamed naturally. For their wedding day photo session they decided to go at Mogosoaia Palace, a place that inspires us and that unfolds new and interesting angles each time we visit. Their godparents played along, side by side with all the other guests who showed us full support so that the bride and groom would have the pictures they have been waiting for.

Apr 20, 2013

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